What is a muscle knot, why does it happen and what you can do to relieve it

Muscles knots are hard, sensitive areas of muscles that tighten and contract even when the muscle is at rest. These tense muscle fibers can cause pain in other parts of the body when touched. They're also known as trigger points.

As a result, the muscle fibers become lumpy, have lack of oxygen and nutrition and form a muscle knot..

Occasionally, muscle knots go away on their own, but in most cases, proper steps should be adopted in order to loosen the tense muscles and relieve the pain.

  • 1. Rest

Allow your body to rest if you have muscle knots. ...

  • 2 Stretch

Gentle stretching that elongates your muscles can help you to release tension in your body such as Yoga and Pilates

  • 3 Exercise.

Aerobic exercise may help to relieve muscle knots as does Yoga, Walking is a good option as It's gentle,but always remember to listen to your body and don't over do it.

  • 4 Hot and cold therapy

The use of heat or cold packs can be a benefit also

  • 5 Massage treatment

including trigger point release, sports, remedial, deep tissue

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